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Milk of the Poppy - A velvety blend of strawberries and dragon fruit mixed with cream that can become highly addictive. Milk of the Poppy is a gourmet e-liquid that skillfully combines the bold sweetness of ripe strawberries, a subtle breath of dragon fruit, and our signature creaminess in every cloud that dances off the tongue.


Iced Milk of the Poppy - blends ripe strawberries and a chilling breath of dragon fruit with an ice-cold freeze. A chilling twist on the classic strawberry vape that unites a cooling tangy and sweet flavor profile into one amazing flavor profile! A smooth vape experience you won’t find anywhere else!


Pineapple Express - Ripe juicy pineapples and reduces them down to an aromatic nectar, finishing it off with a touch of classic Vapetasia creaminess!


Iced Pineapple Express - Chill out with this relaxing tropical trip! A mix of ripe juicy pineapple and the chilling coolness of menthol combine for a flavor that will whisk you away to frozen paradise!


Blackberry Lemonade - part of a sensational lemonade-stand classics, infusing succulent blackberries within an invigorating lemonade blend that will revitalize your day. A perfect sweet-tart flavor profile.


Iced Blackberry Lemonade - Check out the frigid flavors of Vapetasia's Blackberry Lemonade, adding chilling menthol to the delightful flavor of tangy lemonade infused with sweet blackberries to create a delectable eJuice blend that will captivate the senses.


Pink Lemonade - part of a sensational lemonade-stand classics, infusing a delightful sweetness with hints of tangy and tarty lemonade.



Vapetasia E-liquid

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