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Yogi - Granola Bar - is a tasty blend of toasted oats and sugary, smooth honey that’s gonna satisfy your snack cravings instantly. (60ml) Max VG


Vape Pink - Cookie Butter - Every inhale instantly hits the spot thanks to that exquisite oatmeal cookie taste. The blend of savory and sweet notes that this cookie possesses will have your mouth watering like never before. Slowly, spices like cinnamon and nutmeg enter the picture. With each exhale, creamy milk bathes your tongue. (100ml) 70VG/30PG


Vango Vapes - Coffee Shop French Vanilla - Frothed coffee infused with soft vanilla beans and a brilliant dark sugar finish. (60ml) 70VG/30PG


Frisco Vapor - The Rock Iced - is a sweet and succulent peach earl grey tea. (60ml) 70VG/30PG


Skwezed - Lychee -  What exactly is lychee? This sub-tropical fruit that is incredibly sweet with a very unique taste is unlike anything else you’ve ever had. While it isn’t easy to describe the flavor of lychee to those who have never tried it, everyone who has tried Skwezed Lychee has been pleasantly surprised. (100ml) 70VG/30PG


Misc Flavors

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