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NOVA - Sweet and tart Lemon drop candy blended with juicy pink grapefruit, an exquisite and unmatched E-liquid (#1 Seller)


DAWN - Tangy South Asian mangoes mixed with secret ingredients to make the best mango flavor on the market.


CORE - Sweet Fuji apples paired with a delightfully tart Granny Smith, for the ultimate apple e-juice experience.


MOONBERRY CUSTARD - Strawberry,Blackberry, and Blueberries jammed and glazed over a lightly sweet vanilla custard.


NEO MOJITO - Tart & tangy crushed limes blended with white rum, mint leaves, and a splash of juicy dragonfruit. An e-juice as unique as the Mr.Moon brand.


SPACE I, II, III - Cold like the vacuum of space, 3 levels of a complete menthol experience.

I - cold, II - freezing, III - frozen.


AURA - Lightly sweet mint candy with a touch of ice, freshen your breath while you vape!


NEBULA - Sweet and Tart citrus soda with a splash of green energy drink! Refreshing, with a unique sparkle (especially in low wattage pod systems).


CRESCENTSweet and mellow banana with a natural creamy top note, we then blend this with the "King of Strawberries" the Japanese Amaou strawberry, known for its vibrant sugar coated taste and tart finish. Steeping this juice will increase the awesomeness factor! (NEW)

Mr.Moon Stellar E-juice

  • Japanse SalesTax included (10%)


    30ml size: up to¥2200 based on customer requested options -

    -Please send us a message for juice requests on Instagram or Facebook.

    -This page is for order reference only.

    -Please send us a screen shot or list of your cart items for order and delivery confirmation.

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